Super Action Stuff Bag of Violence Action Figure Accessories

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Set includes:
16 Action Figure Accessories

Product Overview

The Bag of Violence set is full of violence and mayhem From Happycat Industries.

Equip your action figures with the Super Action Stuff Accessory Sets! These sets of weapons and accessories are designed to be compatible with action figures in the 1:10 (7 inch) and 1:12 (5 to 6 inch) scales.

The Bag of Violence set is full of violence and mayhem, the set is perfect for military settings. With these 16 awesome 1:12 scale plastic accessories.

Please Note: Action effects cannot stick to figures on their own. Sticky tack or wax is highly recommended. 

The Bag of Violence pack comes with:

  • 1x Fireman axe
  • 1x Crowbar
  • 1x Spiked baseball bat
  • 1x Metal bat
  • 8x Blood splatter effects
  • 2x Clear energy effects
  • 1x Short red blast effect
  • 1x Long red blast effect

No Action Figures are included in this set.

Safety Information: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Product Details Age: 13+