Godzilla vs. Kong Collection Vinyl Figure #2


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Product Overview

Youtooz Godzilla vs Kong 4.3" inch Vinyl Figure

The ultimate battle royale. Mounted on a steel grey colored ship that’s 1.83 inches tall and 2.97 inches wide, Godzilla and Kong are sculpted facing each other in battle position. The two stand at 4.31 inches tall. Both are in their classic colorways, featuring black and grey with details including scaley surface for Godzilla and hairy arms, legs, face and chin for Kong.

The two kings continue to show power and strength, where both facial expressions are fierce and wild, showing teeth and fangs, ready to fight each other! Godzilla vs Kong are a great addition to your Youtooz collection.

The sleeve is beautifully illustrated to show Kong and Godzilla, fire and destroyed buildings. The double-walled window box includes illustrations of Godzilla and Kong fighting on a burning ship while at sea. The interior of the packaging shows a city on fire.

This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve inside a shipping carton.